Frequently asked questions

How long does shipping take?

This depends on location of buyer, stock rates and other various factors. If you need a order quickly or just have any requests / enquiries for us ring us on our phone or email us. You can find this info on our contact us page.

Are all products on the site authentic?

Everything on this site is 100% verified and selling fakes is an offence, we are a well known company and would not be tied to any fake suppliers, nevermind be one.

I can't find the item I wanted

If there's any items that aren't on the site use the contact us page and tell us about it and we will get it in as quickly and cheap as we can, however there's no garentee that we can get the items you ask for. But we probably can that's why we're the best.

When does stock renew?

The stock depends, if our suppliers are out of stock then we are probably out of stock too, however we shouldn't be out of stock much as were the best. That said it's not scheduled but look around if you need to know just give us a call and we will make some phone calls for you becase we genuinely care for our customers.


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