Dewalt 54V XR Li-ion FlexVolt M-Class Dust Extractor Bare Unit DCV586MN-XJ


The Dewalt DCV586 is a T-STAK M-Class Dust Extractor powered by a 54V XR Li-ion FlexVolt battery which is ideal for professional use as it is M-Class which is ideal for work sites. The DCV586 cordless Dust Extractor is an efficient and portable way to achieve M-Class compliance on the job site. This product features Wireless Tool Control™ with remote, allowing the user to activate the extractor from the tool, at a distance. It also features an automatic filter cleaning mechanism and includes HEPA filters. Body Only / Naked machine, supplied without battery or charger.

DeWalt DCV586MN 54V XR FlexVolt M-Class Dust Extractor Bare Unit