Fluke 1662 Multifunction Installation Tester:


For a limited time, the Fluke 1662 Multifunction Installation Tester is available at a promotional price. This entry model in Fluke’s 1660 MFT Series is simple to use and includes all the functions required for basic testing of domestic, commercial, and industrial electrical installations as well as fixed wiring installations. It can measure:


  • AC/DC voltage
  • Continuity
  • Resistance
  • Insulation resistance
  • Loop and line resistance
  • Prospective current

Furthermore, the Fluke 1662 MFT offers:

  • RCD testing
  • RCD tripping current level ramp tests
  • RCD autotests and ramp tests
  • Pulsating DC sensitive RCD tests (G and S type)
  • RCD and loop testing with on/off switchable auto start

Fluke 1662 Multifunction Tester & Free T90 Voltage Tester

SKU: Fluke 5363266