ALTO ZEPHYR ZMX52 -5 Channel Compact Mixer

ALTO ZEPHYR ZMX52 -5 Channel Compact Mixer


ALTO ZEPHYR ZMX52 -5 Channel Compact Mixer -

The ZMX52 is an 5-channel mixer with just the right about of inputs, outputs, and EQ for solo gigs and multimedia studios. It features one mono channel with a microphone input (with Phantom Power), balanced TRS input, and a two-band EQ and a stereo channel. It also delivers two stereo channels with two balanced TRS inputs each.

  • 8 total inputs
  • One MIC input channel with gold plated XLR and balanced Line input
  • 2-Track inputs with level control assignable to main mix, headphone outputs
  • Two stereo input channels with balanced TRS jack
  • Ultra-low noise discrete MIC pre-amps with +15V Phantom power
  • Extremely high headroom offering extra dynamic range
  • Balanced inputs for highest signal integrity and low-noise operation
  • Warm, natural 2-band EQ on mono channel
  • Peak LEDs on each channel
  • 4-segment bar graph meters
  • Power Supply: 18V ~ 500mA (included)
  • Rated Power Consumption: 9W
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 128x204x38mm
  • Net Weight: 750g
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