SKU: 18 V-85 C

BOSCH GSB 18 V-85 C - 18v Combi drill - 13mm keyless chuck

The BOSCH GSB 18 V-85 C 18v Combi drill - 13mm keyless chuck has the following features: 

  • 2 x 5.0Ah Li-ion batteries and charger
  • 2 - speed / variable / reversing
  • Max torque: 85Nm
  • L-BOXX

An introduction to combi drills: The combi drill combines a hammer action and drill driver function enabling drilling into concrete and brick as well as wood, metal or plastics. Combi drills are cordless; see percussion drills for their mains equivalent. 

Cordless (or battery powered) tools have various chemical battery types; Li-ion is the latest technology, prior to that it was Ni-MH and Ni-Cad was the original. The higher the Ah (Ampere hours) the longer the interval between charges; the fewer times you recharge a battery the longer it will last. Some cordless tools can also come without batteries - also referred to as naked, bare units or body only. These tools are supplied without a battery or charger and more often than not without any accessoires. As a result they are significantly cheaper in price.

Most professional combi drills have a variable speed function and a variety of torque settings. Additionally there is often a choice between single, 2 or 3 speed gears; a low speed and higher torque setting is used for screw driving whilst a higher speed is used for drilling metal or wood for example.

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