JPL 7000S - Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner - 750ml

JPL 7000S - Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner - 750ml

SKU: 7000S

JPL 7000S - Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner - 750ml

This James Products Ultra 7000S Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner is a simple-to-use cleaner with a sleek ergonomic design. Ultrasonic cleaners work by vibrating a tank of cleaning solution at high frequency, creating microscopic bubbles to scrub surfaces clean - this is called 'cavitation'. This unique method allows the cleaner to penetrate the finest crevasses of any object and yields amazing results compared to regular cleaning methods. This Ultra 7000S ultrasonic cleaner comes with a spacious 750ml tank allowing it to clean jewellery; CDs and DVDs; waterproof watches; spectacles and sunglasses; razor heads; printer heads; toothbrush heads; dental tools; and machine items - making it well suited to home and professional use. The cleaner also comes with a built-in digital timer, allowing you to choose to clean your items in one of five pre-set times ranging between 90 seconds and 10 minutes. Order your Ultra 7000S Ultrasonic Cleaner and restore your goods to their former glory!

  • Control how long items are cleaned for, thanks to the timer with five pre-set times - 90sec to 10min
  • Large 750ml stainless steel tank has space to clean a range of objects
  • The hi-tech design offers you fast, efficient and effortless cleaning capabilities
  • Thanks to the cleaner's high 42kHz frequency, you can enjoy silent operation
  • The auto shut-off feature ensures the Ultra 7000S will save power for you when not in use
  • The ultrasonic cleaner's high cleaning grade means it's great for home and professional use
  • Includes CD, DVD, watch and earring stands, allowing you to clean a variety of objects
  • The Ultra 7000S's 42kHz frequency means it can take on any challenge
  • Mains powered - just plug in and clean!
  • Internal Tank (LxWxD): 148 x 125 x 46mm
  • Basket (LxWxH): 143 x 121 x 42mm







Power Consumption:



External Height:



External Width:



External Depth:



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