PULSE MIC-1000X4 - Earhook Condenser Microphone

PULSE MIC-1000X4 - Earhook Condenser Microphone

SKU: MIC-1000X4

PULSE MIC-1000X4 - Earhook Condenser Microphone with 4 Pin Mini XLR Socket -

Far more unobtrusive than headband-based systems and very popular particularly in theatres and with costumes, because extensive hairstyles will not be affected. For speech applications which require the simultaneous use of headphones, the earhook system is more comfortable to wear and more flexible to use.

  • Highly sensitive condenser microphone
  • Wide transmission range
  • Flexible microphone stem allows you to easily adjust the microphone's position
  • Different connector types available
  • Supplied with windshield/pop noise head
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