Rosemount 3051TG5A2B31JB4E8Q4Q8M6P1 - In-Line Pressure Transmitter

SKU: Rosemount 3051TG5A2B31JB4E8Q4Q8M6P1

Rosemount 3051TG5A2B31JB4E8Q4Q8M6P1 - In-Line Pressure Transmitter


Ordering Information

  • Model: 3051T(1) - In-Line Pressure Transmitter
  • Pressure Type: G - Gage
  • Pressure Range: 5 - -14.7 to 10000 psi (-1,01 to 689,47 bar)
  • Transmitter Output: A(2) - 4-20 mA with Digital Signal Based on HART Protocol
  • Process Connection Style: 2B - 1/2- 14 NPT Female
  • Isolating Diaphragm: 3(3) - Alloy C-276; Alloy C-276 [Process Connection Wetted Parts Material]
  • Sensor Fill Fluid: 1 - Silicon
  • Housing Material: J - SST; 1/2-14 NPT [Conduit Entry Size]
  • Mounting Bracket(4): B4 - Bracket for 2-in. Pipe or Panel Mounting, All SST
  • Product Certifications: E8 - ATEX Flameproof and Dust Certification
  • Calibration Certification: Q4 - Calibration Certificate
  • Material Traceability Certification: Q8 - Material Traceability Certification per EN 10204 3.1
  • Display and Interface Options: M6 - LCD Display for SST Housing (Housing Codes J, K, L, and M only)
  • Pressure Testing: P1 - Hydrostatic Testing with Certificate



Select Configuration Buttons (option code D4 or DZ) or Local Operator Interface (option code M4) if configuration buttons are required.

Option HR5 configures the HART  output to HART Revision 5. Option HR7 configures the HART output to HART Revision 7. The device can be field configured to HART Revision 5 or 7 if desired. HART Revision 5 is default HART output.

Only available with Wireless Output (code X).

Not valid for Option Code P9 for 4500 psi Static Pressure.


Configuration Data Sheet: Rosemount 3051 (legacy)

Configuration Data Sheet: Rosemount 3051 Wireless Series

Configuration Data Sheet: Rosemount 3051

Configuration Data Sheet: Rosemount DP Flow

DP Flow Specification Sheet

Product Data Sheet: Rosemount 3051 Pressure Products

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